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Alitalia RRPP, Apdo. 8279, 28080, Málaga Telephone 902 100 323

At the airport

Check-in counters at terminal:
Alitalia flight Departures Terminal T3, floor P1,

Check-in counters may vary depending on the airport needs. Refer to flight Departures in the respective panels of information.

Alitalia flight Arrivals:    T3


Baggage handler of Alitalia:
Groundforce 952 048 378
Terminal T3 floor 0, baggage reclaim hall.


Alitalia has the OACI code: AZA and the IATA code: AZ.

Alitaliais the largest airline in Italy. It has its main headquarters in the Rome Fiumicino International Airport, and a secondary in Milan-Malpensa International Airport.
Alitalia domestic flights represent 55%of its total market, although intercontinental routes have also gained importance, ferrying passengers to places as diverse as Madagascar, United States, Brazil, Buenos Aires or Seoul, and its European routes linking to Spain, Russia, Turkey, France, Greece, among many others.
Alitalia is an SkyTeam global airline alliance member since year 2.000.

Alitalia Destinations:

Alitalia flies direct from Malaga to Rome (Fiumicino), Italy, and links to numerous destinations.
Note: Airlines can add or delete routes based on demand and/or season of year.

The range of destinations usually offered by Alitalia may vary due to low demand for flights, until the return to normal after the impact of the health crisis.


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