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Sleeping or resting at the airport

Malaga airport remains open 24 hours a day, so if your flight has been delayed, if you are in transit or have a stopover, or if your flight leaves too late at night or very early in the morning, you may want to relax and rest for a few hours or even sleep at the airport. So what to expect at the airport? it has several options:

Waiting areas

Passengers already in the boarding area can sit on the benches located near the boarding gates. Passengers who still cannot access this area because they have to check in luggage and / or do not have a boarding pass, can go to Terminal 3 where there are banks in the Departures hall and Arrivals hall, and some others in more remote areas.

Vip Lounge

10% discount on all Priority Pass plans
10% discount on all Priority Pass plans

Passengers who are already in the boarding area can go to the VIP Lounge of the airport located on the 2nd floor. Access to the VIP Lounge requires an accreditation, the ownership of an access card as Priority Pass, or payment of the amount established by the lounge.
Access and use subjet to the conditions of the Vip Lounge .

Airpot hotel

Hotel Holiday Inn Express Malaga AirportHotel Holiday Inn Express Malaga Airport 3 Stars: this is the closest hotel to the airport, just 1.5 km.
• 3 minutes by car from the airport terminal. You can book a private or shared transfer to the airport (10/15Xpax approximately), arrange a taxi at the hotel (15 approximately), or request an Uber (€5 approximately, the cheapest option).
• There is a bus stop less than 100 meters away (Line A - Express Airport). The airport is one stop away.
• You can also walk, but the walking distance is about 2 km (20/25 minutes).
• There are more hotels near the airport but located further away.