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Train Málaga airport - Airport train station

Line C1 Fuengirola-Málaga Centro Alameda of RENFE local trains connects terminal T3 with Málaga airport.

The suburban train station is located opposite terminal T3 and can be accessed from the exterior arrivals area of terminal T3, hand the forecourt of the departures area through the transport hub building.

The local train towards the north connects the airport with the Málaga Centro-Alameda station (end of the line). Before this station there is María Zambrano station, which is a hub train station with high velocity trains (AVE to Madrid or Sevilla), as well as medium an long-distance trains, and the line "Cercanís" C2 stops at this station. Just next to this train station, you will find also the Málaga Bus Station.

From Málaga airport towards the south, the local train "Cercanís" C1 Málaga-Fuengirola connects with 13 key locations on the Costa del Sol, belonging to municipalities as Torremolinos, Benalmádena and Fuengirola.

Renfe C1 Málaga

Airpot train station
Málaga airport train station at terminal T3

Aproximate journey duration:

  • To Torremolinos station .......... 10'
  • To Fuengirola station ............... 13'
  • To Benalmadena station ......... 17'
  • To Málaga Centro-Alameda ... 12'
  • To Málaga María Zambrano ..... 9'

Frecuency: every 20' (every 30' first and last daly trains).
Timetable and ticket price: see below .
No night trains.

Airport train station

Exterior view malaga airport train satation
Access to the train station

Opposite terminal T3.
Suburban train station "Aeropuerto"

Train Station Málaga Airport ("Airport") is located below the T3 terminal, and connects to it through the Transport Hub building located opposite the terminal T3.
Part of the station is built with walls and glass ceilings that allow natural light to penetrate; and it is adapted to receive the high-speed train in the future.

Keep in mind that shuttle bus from/to the airport could be a good option as there is only one train line and there is no stop at all towns. And if you travel in a group, private transfers for groups are also a good economic option

Timetable, tickets and prices

The station is located in Zone 2. The ticket can be purchased One way or Round trip. Also it offers discounts for children and groups, and multitravel tickets, monthly tickets, elderly tickets, etc.

  • One way ticket : amoung €1,80 and €3,60, depending on the journey path zones and the weekday.
  • Round trip ticket : amoung €1,95 and €4,40, depending on the journey path zones and the weekday.

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Further information

Train schedule provided online by Renfe.mobi .
Renfe call center: 912 320 320.
C1 Málaga-Fuengirola: 952 128 079.