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Málaga Airport (IATA code: AGP, OACI code: LEMG), officially known as Málaga-Costa del Sol airport and sometimes called Pablo Picasso Airport, is situated at 7 km southwest of Málaga's city centre.

It is the most important airport of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia, occupying the forth place among the Spanish airports and the twenty second among the European Union. It is also considered as the main entrance or exit gate for tourism to/from the famous "Costa del Sol" (means coast of the sun) and the rest of Andalusia.

Malaga airport operates with terminals T1, T2, T3, the General aviation terminal (GA) and the Cargo terminal.

The airport has two runways. The main runway has an alignment of 13/31 and a length of 3.200 x 45 meters (10.500x148 feet). The second runway operates only in high seasons, and has an alignment of 12/30 and a length of 3.090 x 45 meters (10.140x148 feet). Both with an elevation of 16 meters/52 feet above sea level.

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